Missing Build Docs / Schematics


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One more thing: some docs for pedals with charge pump have a note about getting electrolytic caps rated at least 25V or 35V depending on how many stages of charge pump. Some docs do not, e.g., Pro-Filter, Delegate Boneyard. I am sure it would help newbies to always have the rating when needed.


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Yep, good point. I've started making the note on the newer docs.

The older files are in Adobe InDesign format and need to be recreated in order to make any updates.


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Build document link for the Unison Double Tracker points to the Pythagoras.pdf
Do they use the same board?


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Pro-10 green schematics are still missing (not sure about blue).
Looking for both of these myself. I like to study the schematics of the stuff I build. Plus, it helps when a problem arises that requires a trace.

No rush Mr. PedalPCB! When ya get a chance to post them, please do so. It'll make me squee with joy. :p


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Okay, there is about to be an influx of new projects...... but I want to tie up any loose ends first.

Is anyone waiting on any missing build docs / schematics? (Not including the most recent releases, those are already on my list)
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Parts list attached.

The PCB is laid out so you can use box film caps if you'd prefer, but the original used ceramic disc and MLCC caps throughout.
Had to get this on on your recommendation. I'd like to use some different JFETs, though, so is it possible to get a schematic?
Also appreciate one for electrovibe mini.