Missing Build Docs / Schematics


Not sure if this is the correct thread for this...
I am in the middle of the Thumb Sucker and drilled yesterday and noticed too late that with a Bezel for the stomp LED, the Bezel comes high enough to touch the PCB and then the hole is est 4-5 mm too close to the stomp.
I will take out the plastic isolation thingy in the Bezel to get some maneuver room, and shrink tube the LED leads to keep it out of "harm's way". And solder the wires from PCB to stomp(pcb) on the top side so that their wire shielding plastic keeps them away from the LED.
It's a workaround, but if you are going through build docs at some point you could adjust or make a comment. A smaller and shorter plastic bezel might make it a non issue...




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Yep, those are too long to fit under a PCB mounted on 16mm pots, which is a shame because they look really nice.

This type fits with no problems.


Can we please get a doc for the full-sized ElectroVibe? After spending $30 on a PCB and a faceplate I hate to go blindly into the build with no schematic or part list or any explanation of how to set the trim pots. I might be able to figure it out, but I don't want to spend $30 to prove myself wrong. Thanks.


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Just got my Topographer board today. Based on the parts listed on the PCB, looks like there's some differences compared to the one AionFX has listed. No doubt the differences are deliberate...but does have me curious. Not sure how close you are to posting the schematics but, if you are close, would love to look at them to study. :D

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Hola! When you get a chance could you post the schematics for the two Pro-10 pedals? Looking to add a few mods to them (Bass Cut and Mids for Green, Presence for the Blue). Thx! :D
With all caution. I think there is no chance that these and the other schematics that are missing here will ever be published. It's a shame because it takes away a lot of the fun.