Parasite Wah get better after few mods

So, my attempt to build this unfamous Wah
I did first what is mentioned on the documentation and I experienced some issues: Big volume, and saturation

So I did a lot of research about the pedal, find lot of guts and asked some people that got the original one, I found that 2 revisions where made, I done the original pedal (the sabbath one) and this is really the good things to change. Now the pedal sounds really great
- R2 650K -> 100K
- R5/R7 200R -> 220R (not really crucial)
- R2 200R -> Jumper
- D100 1N587 -> 1N270 germanium diode
- R11 16K -> 5,1V Zener diode

Now the pedal sounds really great ! :)