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Hell, I’ve got a beat up guitar I’ll sell to you for….half of that! I can put an SRV pick-guard on it for an additional $2K (absolutely worth the difference…it adds a whole new envelope of tone).

How many can I add to your order?

Feral Feline

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Kinda takes away from the whole “Hot Doughnuts Now” concept…”Moldy Doughnuts Later” just doesn’t have the same appeal.
I used to see those Krispy Kreme doughnuts in pics of cars at car-shows, presumably to bribe people to upvote that person's car.

Well, a Krispy Kreme outlet finally opened up in HK, and I tried one. I've got a sweet-tooth, but man, one KK 'nut and you feel sick to your stomach and need an insulin shot. KK-ion-HK was gone before the year's end.

So, with the amount of sugar in 'em, I don't see them becoming mouldy — ever. They might become hard as granite, but...