VFE 5:00 Fuzz IC


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Recently found out that Peter did in fact work up his own version of the op-amp Big Muff, and if it's anything like his other circuits, I'm sure it'll be a hit.
Haven't found a schematic for this one online, but I am working on drawing one up based on the stripboard layout and an Eagle file I've found.
Being this is my first time using Diptrace, it may be a bit before I post it


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So, there may be some errors as I'm just now learning Diptrace, but here's what I've got so far -
I'm not sure I have the Drain/ Clipping pot or Tone switch correct.
EDIT: There should also be a link between the junctions of the impedance trimpot/ capacitor and the adjacent voltage divider

Based on this vero layout, and an Eagle file I have -

VFE IC 5 00 Fuzz.png
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I’ve only seen the 5 o clock fuzz as a classic 4 transistor configuration. Can you post the one you’ve got?

Same here. And, info on the IC version is skint. First saw it mentioned on MadBean's forum, and the only info as to it's workings have been from Peter's Eagle files, and the above stripboard