What "bench" reference information would be useful to you?


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Color Codes for resistor might be handy, though I prefer to just measure them if I am not sure what it is.

What I look up EVERY SINGLE TIME is the pin-layout for pots. I just cannot remember that darn thing.

Common voltages for ICs would be super cool.
Yes, the pin layout and also A=Log B=Lin.......... or is it the other way around??

Chuck D. Bones

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Common voltage for 90% of the pedals on this site using dual opamps:
pin 4 is ground = 0V
pin 8 is Vcc = 9V
All other pins should be close to Vref = 1/2 Vcc = 4.5V

If there is a charge pump on the board then the voltages will be different from what is stated above.

LFOs cannot be measured with a DMM, you need a scope for that.

resistor color codes chart.png

Regular Sean

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IC projects. I often find myself with extra ICs and always have trouble tracking down uses for them. The hell am I gonna use these LM311 chips for??