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Sure, you could do that.

The boost in the Fulldrive isn't really a boost at all, it just adds an additional pot in series with the Gain pot.

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Nice work. Can I ask what you used for the tone stack? I'm trying to find a bmt stack to throw into something I'm working on.
You have Duncan's Tone Stack Calculator, right? Very helpful when designing / tweaking all sorts of tone stacks. I put a Fender-ish one in my latest project. One advantage over the Marshall TMB is you can get more Bass boost. Some people just copy them verbatim, but I usually scale the impedances to suit the rest of the circuit and then fine tune R's & C's to get the mid scoop where I want it. Pay attention to the source and load impedances, they have a drastic effect on the control range.


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This weekend I'm going out to the country. While there I'll be enjoying nature, the family, and spending some time building a pedal that has TWO Module 8s in it. I know I want one side to be a Module 8 for sure. The second side might be have a custom EEPROM.
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Was just working on my first couple of breadboard circuits. Having a ton of fun!

First one was an LPB-1 (following this great tutorial):


Followed by a classic Rangemaster:


And finally, the SHO:


I'm still amazed by the fact that such a simple circuit like the Rangemaster can sound so good in front of a great amp!