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Was just working on my first couple of breadboard circuits. Having a ton of fun!

First one was an LPB-1 (following this great tutorial):

View attachment 7181

Followed by a classic Rangemaster:

View attachment 7182

And finally, the SHO:

View attachment 7183

I'm still amazed by the fact that such a simple circuit like the Rangemaster can sound so good in front of a great amp!
I really want to start getting into breadboarding my own circuits and modding them. Seems intimidating...


Breadboard Baker
Breadboarding is simple. Understanding circuits is the hard part.
That’s what I meant. I want to be able to understand “why did they put this capacitor here? Oh, because it does xxxxxxxx in the circuit”. Maybe someday I guess... can anyone recommend some online resources explaining circuits/schematics?


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4 layers is the new goop...

That reads like a challenge for you. Or isn't?

A DMM & a scope will make quick work of that. I expect one of the four layers is a ground plane. At least, it outta be.

I'm not even convinced it was a four layer board.... ?

I don't trace visually, I always use a DMM so I really don't care how many layers are in the thing. Unless you're tracing from photos a four layer board is no more complicated than a single sided board.

Goop is a joke as well... So far I've only come across one pedal where goop has slowed me down, and that was only because the pedal didn't belong to me so I was concerned about breaking it.
Is goop just epoxy?
Sometimes, I've seen epoxy, latex/rubbery stuff, transparent hot glue.
My greer Lightspeed and Southland had the components painted black then hot glued over.
A lovepedal I once owned had rubbery black stuff on it which reminded me of that stuff they waterproof a roof/shingles with.
Tectile it's called I believe?


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I have one here that looks like asphalt.

It's tough as cement and heat resistant.


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That’s all I need haha. I’ve got a probe and barely ever build past bed time so no use for a headphone amp :D

I was just about to order some new speaker terminals as my old one is on the way out, but maybe I’ll hold off if that isn’t a one off.