Check it out!


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Very well written and clearly explained - two things electronics writing is always in desperate need of but have come to expect from you! And timely for me personally as I have a rat pcb sitting in my cart for the intent of doing a lot of mods on!

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I always knew you had issues!

I just didn't know it was Issue #3.

Congrats, Dave!
Appropriately, the article starts on page 101. 😺
I've taken screenshots of the Rat Mods and will try them as soon as my stuff arrives (currently sitting in a sea-can awaiting shipping).

Looking forward to your next installment in Pathways Mag.


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Great write up! Makes me want to build a rat. It might have been beaten to death but maybe you could do a wah mod article (because stock GCB95s are just boring) or maybe one on some sort of modulation pedal messing with the wave form( triangle/sine switch sort of thing).. not sure if these ideas are too remedial or stupid .. just thought I would let the dumb out in the hopes of being helpful.
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