High Quality Solder Suggestions?


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I've been using the cheapest solder I can find for a while but I'm learning that if I want the best sounding results, "dirt cheap" can't be my #1 priority when purchasing building materials. If anyone would like to suggest their favorite brands of solder for working on PCB's, I would much appreciate it.

Oh, and I don't have any lead restrictions to worry about.

Thanks a lot for any input!


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I've been using the Kester "no clean" solder, which works very well, but have some 44 coming to try out. The "no clean" stuff is nice to use, but I took "no clean" to mean "no mess", which is certainly isn't. That plus the flux make for a sticky mess that takes quite a while to clean up. Hoping the 44 will be better and that I can come to rely on flux less often as I gain experience, though I think a higher powered iron will be the biggest help.


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@duffy_lane Kester 44 is the flux type, and they make over 50 different alloy/diameter combinations, both in leaded and lead-free, so pick whatever you like. 0.8mm 63/37 (search for 24-6337-0027) is probably the most frequently recommended solder.