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Frantone Op-amp Fuzzes


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I love opamp Fuzzes, and these ones don't seem to get the love they deserve. They're both heavy and brutal.

Cream Puff- like a gnarlier, angrier Op-amp Big Muff. A lot more Bass, but surprising amount of string separation for how much dirt it spits out

Peachfuzz- This one is sorta tonally similar to the Cream Puff, maybe not as much low end with less of a mid scoop. more amp-like, I suppose. Low noise floor for how much gain it packs

Edit: added larger, more legible schematics


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Yes, to all of this. I've built both and they rule on bass. Tons of low end without getting muddy at all.

I never A-B them, but somehow have in mind that the Peach can be a tad more bass heavy than the Puff ...