DEMO Harmonic Atomizer (Parallel Percolation Stations)

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I couldn't decide which version I liked best between the standard and Albini spec, so I slapped em together with their gains set to max (sorta- there's a 10r resistor between lugs 2&3 to cut back on some extraneous noise), after a buffer (as is the correct way) with a blend control, master volume and expression input for the blend

The Albini side (low clang) is built according to the accepted values including a 2N404A and 2N3565, except I used d9ks for a bit more output volume
The Standard side (high clang) uses an MP20 and 2N3057, with d9ks
Gain and leakage fro the germs is written on the tops
The blend circuit is just the Splitt N Blend from Moonn, which works wonderfully

@steviejr92 peer pressured me into doing actual artwork, so I figured I'd use the Big Black album, Atomizer as an inspiration

1590BBS, everything but the footswitch and LED mounted up top

1000026194.jpg 1000026193.jpg 1000026192.jpg 1000026191.jpg

Video starts with the expression controlling the blend. It's fairly subtle but noticable especially when going for noisier sounds. My favorite setting is with the blend at 50/50, though- it gives that clanky clang, but still has the ragged saturation of the standard spec

Here's a shorter vid demonstrating Volume knob cleanup and switching to the neck single coil -
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Completely unhinged and beautiful at the same time! The artifacts throughout the fuzz are immensely satisfying. Theres so much character coming from that pedal i think the arrows were such a good choice. Incredible build dude!