Sometimes it’s the simple ones… stumped by a simple switch

Joben Magooch

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Ever have a stupid simple project that just gives you fits?

I feel silly for even asking about it… but for like a month now on and off I’ve been trying to put together a simple AB switch in a 1590A to be able to swap between two guitars and one output.

First one of the LEDs burned up. I took out the old one and wired another in. Then one of the jacks was grounding out and not working right. Pulled every right out and rewire and heat shrink to avoid that issue. And now it all works… but when I plug in a power source for the LEDs it has a terrible buzz/hum. Quiet and working properly when unplugged, though.

This is one of those projects that I randomly look at at like 2AM every now and then so I’m sure it’s just some silly mistakes but I’m tired, lol. Anyone care to link me a sure-fire wiring diagram that will work for those purposes and not give me a weird random hum?? FWIW I was using the pre wired LED/bezels from LMS… feeling dumb and stumped over here lol.
Make sure you are switching ground for the led. Otherwise you'll dump 9v to ground when off if wired improperly.
If it's only an issue powered, then there's something funky in the power.

Also. A bi-color common anode may prove useful if you do have to rip into.
See post 4.