PedalPCB Terrarium - Compact Daisy Development Platform

On the momentary footswitches, those are the 2 lug connection type, correct? Is there a Tayda link for a recommendation?
are you recommending B10K pots for the board? saw prior discussion suggestion B100K might work, and I'm pondering using B50K
I left them listed as B10K but I don't think you'd have a problem with any value between 10K - 100K.

The pots are acting as a simple voltage divider going to an ADC pin on the Daisy seed.

I'd definitely stick with linear taper though, you can define them as any other taper in your algorithm.
Hello. Which pins are assigned to which pots/switches?
I want to make a custom JSON for Max Gen~ Oopsy Daisy to export gen~ directly to the Terrarium
Meet Oopsy Daisy for Max Gen~
Making Custom JSON files inside Oopsy Daisy

/edit: FOund it on GitHub, Thanks
Did you have any success on exporting from gen~ to Terrarium?
If so, and if you don't mind my asking, what steps did you take to export from gen~ into the Terrarium?
I'm having a heck of a time finding a solid step-by-step guide of some kind.
Have you considered incorporating a dual-relay with the Terrarium?

Digitally controlled Relay Bypass would eliminate the latency when bypassed. We'd get to have True Bypass when wanted, but also have options for Reverb Tails. I think it would only cost the space of the Dual Relay, 2 BJT transistors and 2 resistors, assuming that the Daisy doesn't have the current available to drive the relay itself.

Ultimately we'd have a DIY DSP Platform that would look just like Walrus Mako series. How cool would that be?
We need more programmers, this is such an interesting project. Sadly I don’t see a lot of people programming effects for it 🥺
It will come with time. The Daisy has a much steeper learning curve than the FV-1, and you can see evidence of that over at the Daisy Guitar effects forum. One guy who has developed FV-1 effects professionally is struggling to do simple bypass on the Daisy.

Early last year I was getting deep into FV-1 programming and was even starting to create some original effects. I paused for a minute to learn the Daisy, but then life got much more complicated (in a good way) and I just don't have the time or energy to climb over the learning curve right now. There are probably two dozen guys on this forum with the same story.
Yes, the next design has programmable relay bypass.
What are your thoughts on replacing one of the pots with a Rotary Switch?

The Arachnid had a very nice control layout, with the 8-position rotary right in the center. That PCB was beautifully done.

Also, notice by only using 3 toggle switches and orienting them horizontally, Chase Bliss and Walrus Audio were get those toggles much, much closer to the pots -- comfortably out of the way of the dual foot switches. Different chipsets, but both have found ways to make use of On/Off/On toggles as well. Maybe that freed pot input could be used as an option expression pedal jack; we can supposedly do that now that we don't have the heavy hysteresis / smoothing on the pot inputs like the the FV-1 had.