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Are those the real deal? My younger brother went to school at UC Santa Cruz and he told me they grew wild in the forests around there.

BTW, like Peyote, San Pedro cactus contains mescaline. It's legal to grow San Pedro cactus in the US, just not legal to process it.
They are the real deal. Psilocybin turns a bluish purple when exposed to oxygen, I cut one just to see if it turned color and it did!!!

I had some of the same peyote buttons that The Eagles had! A friend's mother actually had a job with the studios obtaining illicit materials desired by famous artists. So we got the real Thai stick, mushrooms, peyote buttons, you name it. Turns there there's an entire 'syndicate' of 'importers' that deal only with studio's and such.
Need some cuttings?
Man, I was thinking I'd look at online prices. Gaaa! $40 for a cutting and they're out of stock? Sure, I'd love a few cuttings. You still have my address? Need any sourdough starter? It's San Fernando sourdough, much less sour and it proofs at lower room temperatures instead of needing a proofing box. That would be a "lager beer strain" type of sourdough.... Needs to be fed every two weeks, it's like owning a pet.....
We've found their pupae (pronounced poopie..or at least it looks like one) in a flower bed...


Edit: isn't that auto-select thingy cool? If you mash down on an object in a photo it does a magic-cut/copy pretty slick!

Edit2: We used to use scissors to cut unwanted persons from photos....this is way neater.