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When I was 15 we vacationed with our cousins in Munster IN. We spent the better part of a week at Lake Nokomis in WI. One fine afternoon in Munster we were playing out by the railroad tracks behind the Pepsi factory and noticed some glass insulators on the ground. The telephone poles along the tracks had been long abandoned and the wooden insulator pegs were rotting. There weren't quite enough insulators on the ground, so with the help of some rocks, a bamboo pole and a catcher's mitt, we harvested another dozen or so. I still have mine.
so you're the 1....
was out the back door at work,didn't quite capture it but was a double 'bow with the storm about 1/2 mile, 1km towards the sun on far side of building. the fainter is coming out of the shrub on the right... phone was cheap. I had to laugh that the 'pot of gold' end was in a van:ROFLMAO:


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